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Unvented Cylinders - Mains Pressure Unvented Hot Water Cylinders


Huge savings can be made on can be made on the most efficient cylinders availible today

The Gledhill name is synonymous with a family of water heating and storage products that lead the field in terms of innovation and quality. We are respected for our world-leading range of primary stores, but we have also produced unvented cylinders from the very beginning. Stainless Lite is an unvented mains pressure store in Duplex Stainless Steel that establishes new criteria for quality, performance and life


Providing powerful, mains-pressure performance, it incorporates high flow rate controls, ideal for multi-bathroom homes, where baths fill very quickly, and flexible sitting options.

There are Indirect and Direct patterns for gas/oil and electricity with 14 models in total, with litreages ranging from 90 to 300. There are also an additional 8 options available catering for those with, or intending on, Solar technology so your home can work efficiently and reliably.

The Stainless Lite is also simple and easy to transport and manuvre when empty making installation easier and hassle-free.


Duplex Stainless

The Stainless Lite uses the very latest high specification Duplex to resist all forms of corrosion including crevice and stress whilst its high mechanical strength gives it the strength for long life. It is particularly light and easy to handle on site.


The very latest automated welding procedures along with full post weld treatments guarantee welds that are as strong as the parent material. Stainless Lite is pressure tested in the factory to a full 12 bar which is four times the normal working pressure.

More Hot Water

Stainless Lite uses a high heat transfer corrugated tube heat exchanger to give 20% faster recovery than plain tube. It is also lighter and stronger than plain tube making the vessel the lightest and easiest to handle on site.

Controlled Stratification

The unique Gledhill diffuser reduces turbulence when cold water enters the store by baffling the flow

Minimal Heat Loss

Tests show that the 50mm of polyurethane foam injected into the case and covering both domes achieves astonishingly low levels of heat loss.


The 25 year guarantee underlines the usual Gledhill confidence in its own products.



Stainless Lite Models

Supplied with two immersion heaters for off-peak and on-peak use, these cylinders are the ultimate lightweight, easy to install answer to electric hot water options The indirect range has high efficiency corrugated tube coils to give much faster re-heat timesthan can be achieved with plain tube coils. All tappings are within a 90° segment to make installation easier An electrically heated cylinder with a high performance solar coil. It is capable of meeting the requirements of ADLI, provided that it is matched to the panels and the hot water requirement correctly Cylinders heated from conventional boiler (oil or gas) are provided with a second high performance coil for Solar use



Selection Guide

Hot water demand Maximun number of bed spaces (Bedrooms) Indirect Litres Direct Litres
1 Bathroom or shower Bedsit 90 120
1 Bathroom with shower 2/3 120 150/180
1 Bathroom with shower 3/4 150 210
1 Bathroom with 2 showers 3/4 150 210
2 Bathrooms/ separate shower 4/5 210 250
3 Bathrooms/ separate shower 4/5 250 300
3 Bathrooms/ 2 separate showers 5/6 300 300
The vessels are designed for vertical fixing. Installers must be competent (approved) to comply with Building Regulations G3 (England & Wales). Technical Standards P3 (Scotland). Building Regulations to P5 (Northern Ireland) and all local regulations



Further Technical Specifications: (click on images to enlarge)





The Gledhill Stainless Lite is supplied complete with all the quality fittings you need:

  • Immersion Heater(s)
  • 2 Part zone valve (indirect)
  • Wiring Centre (indirect)
  • Dual Thermostat (indirect)
  • Full installation / maintenance instructions
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Inlet Control set
  • Benchmark Log Book
  • 15mm/22mm tundish
  • Expansion Vessel
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Expansion vessel hose
Designer of Award Winning EcoHome Specifies Gledhill Torrent RE Solar - 12/02/2008  


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