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  • American Solar Energy Society - Web site has information on membership and publications, as well as policy statements on topics related to renewable energy and electric utility restructuring.

  • Arizona Solar Center - A comprehensive site that explores various solar technologies and their uses in Arizona. Includes educational materials for teaching solar energy in the classroom.

  • California Solar Center - The site is designed to be a prime source of information on solar energy activity in California.

  • Daystar: The Four Mile Island Solar Home - A tour of an existing solar home with an emphasis on the experience of solar living . This site has lots of information about solar home construction, renewable energy systems and the environment.

  • DOE Photovoltaic Energy - Online documents pertaining to photovoltaic energy, solar power, solar cells, and other related subjects.

  • Earth Utility - Retailer of Solar Hot Water, Solar Power and Heat pumps for the residential and commercial sector Australia wide.

  • Ecosystems Mission - Aims to develop, promote and market methodologies, technologies, and products that conserve natural resources and advance our planet towards sustainability through the use of solar energy.

  • Energy Science Projects and Activities - Contains links to science projects and activities-for science fairs, class or home-to help students in grades K-12 learn about energy, particularly energy efficiency and renewable energy.

  • EnviroMission Limited - Sponsors of the project to build a large-scale (200-MW) solar thermal power station based on a

  • 1-km-tall solar tower. Information about solar tower technology and the project under way in Australia.

  • European Association for Solar Energy - Non-partisan independent organization that is independent of industry, political institutions promoting solar energy by conducting conferences and awarding prizes. [English, German]

  • Florida Solar Energy Center - Research, training programs, and information about photovoltaic technology, other solar applications, energy-efficient building strategies, and related topics.

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems - Provides data, facts, publications, and information for students.

  • Global Warming Solutions - Offers information about energy conservation using solar energy.

  • India Solar - Information about status of renewable energy development and related businesses in India.

  • JC Solar House Plans and Solar Collectors - Includes a lot of information about solar energy panels, solar hot water, and solar collectors.

  • MST - MST aims at significantly reducing the cost of solar energy technology (PV) by employing a high degree of automation with CPV (concentrated PV) of about 600 suns. Includes a lot of useful technical data and the MST vision.

  • MySolar - Independent information on solar systems: products, prices, sales outlets, DIY design and sizing, solar electricity and solar hot water systems world wide.

  • National Solar Power Research Institute, Inc. - Informative articles and project reports concerning solar power and related issues. Studies of both Earth-based and space-based solar power.

  • Parts on Sale - Solar panels and complete home power systems and solar panel kits including inverters, mounting racks, solar powered refrigeration and cooling systems, batteries, charge controllers, cables, and solar powered water pumps. Residential solar panels from manufacturers like BP, Sharp, Shell, Solarworld, Photowatt, Sanyo, Kyocera and Mitsubishi Solar. Inverters by Xantrex, Sunny Boy, Outback Power, Heart Interface, Prosine, and Trace Engineering, just to name a few, at guaranteed lowest prices on the planet.

  • Photo Voltaic Energy Service Companies - Project of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) which attempts to demonstrate a framework through which solar electricity services can be provided in rural areas of Zambia in a sustainable manner.

  • Project Sol - Overview of solar technology and how the sun can be used for electric power.

  • SoDa Service for Industry and Research - Information and databases on solar radiation and energy, including calculators for determining parameters needed for a variety of scientific and industrial design problems.

  • Solar 20 - A project to reduce cost of concentrating solar energy systems. Contains gallery of built prototypes.

  • Solar Boat - Marquette University - Student group that specializes in solar powered boat races. Page offers description of the watercraft, photos, details of the 1996 996 Solar Splash competition.

  • Solar Cells Info - Provides information and news on cells technology. Includes weblog, press reports and data on dye sensitized cells.

  • Solar Energy Industries Association - SEIA - The US trade association for solar energy and related businesses. Focused particularly on expanding domestic and international markets, and advocating for appropriate state and federal policies.

  • Solar Energy News - Blog covering solar energy news, solar power products and the politics of alternative energy and a sustainable future.

  • The Solar Living Institute - A non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education at the Solar Living Center. Featuring workshops and interactive demonstrations in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

  • Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL) - A unique outdoor research facility for supporting renewable energy conversion technologies and climate change studies at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

  • SolarMission Technologies, Inc. - SolarMission is committed to providing profitable, large-scale renewable energy generation power stations for the United States and the world's electricity markets.

  • Solarserver - Portal on solar energy. Includes news, bulletins and scientific articles.

  • Solarware's Solar-Power-Simulation - Increased Power-output of Terrestrial Solar-Power systems by Optimized Generator Directing, Sun's path and Shade analysis.

  • Sollab - Alliance of laboratories from different countries in the field of solar concentrating systems. Includes project information.

  • Special Materials Research and Technology, Inc. - A small business that focuses research on the wet chemical growth of oxides used in microelectronics and photonics (optoelectronics).

  • Stirling Energy Systems - Offers creating an alternative energy source using a solar energy to run a Stirling Engine.

  • A Slight Chill In The Air - Christian Science Monitor article on trends in U.S. solar power use. Solar electricity and thermal technologies are improving, but the market is cool. (May 23, 2002)

  • All Solar - Florida-based design-build firm specializing in solar hot water, solar pool heating and photovoltaic (solar-electric) power systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

  • Alternative Solar Products - Distributors of solar electric power systems for remote homes, RV solar chargers, marine solar panels, solar water pumping and solar lighting.

  • Ameco Solar - Installer of solar energy for home and business in Southern California since 1974. Provides solar energy systems that heat pools, spas, domestic hot water or PV for electricity.

  • American Solar Energy Society (ASES) - Solar energy conference.

  • A&R Solar Corp. - Design and installation of solar electric and solar hot water systems. Provides services from site evaluation, consultation, custom design, to quality installation. Based in Washington, US.

  • Arontis - Design and sale of solar concentrators that is both photovoltaic and thermal and therefore generates both electricity and heat.

  • Artha Sustainable Living Center LLC - Renewable energy consulting services: commercial/residential site assessments for solar thermal systems and system design. Renewable energy education services, hands-on workshops and retreats in solar water heating, gardening, herbs and yoga. Green Bed and Breakfast.

  • Avon Park Construction, LLC - Contractor for solar electric and thermal projects based in Florida. Includes details of current projects.

  • CalFinder Solar Contractors - Residential contractor referral service for solar thermal and electric installations.

  • Changzhou Skypower Solar Energy Idustry Co Ltd - China manufacturer and exporter specializing in developing, producing and applying solar powered products and water heaters.

  • Chesapeake Solar LLC - Sale and installation of solar systems for residential and commercial clients in the United States. Portfolio of projects.

  • Cooler Planet - A solar resource guide for individuals and commercial entities wanting to connect with local solar installation professionals nationwide (US).

  • DB Solar - Solar integration company in Eastern India that provides solar thermal and electric products in collaboration with Orb Energy, Singapore.

  • Delta Solar - Sale and installation of solar electric, solar thermal and solar lighting products for the urban and rural community. Based in Singapore.

  • eco-Kinetics - Supply of renewable energy products to domestic and commercial markets in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific region.

  • Enolar Systems Marketing Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of solar energy devices such as solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar lighting, solar dryers, based in India.

  • Frontway Enterprise, CO, LTD - Chinese manufacturer and supplier of solar application, solar powered products and environmental-protection products.

  • Gator Solar Electric - Retailer and installer of solar electric power systems and solar thermal products for residential and commercial buildings in California.

  • Gener8 - Supply and installation of solar geysers, solar panels, generators and inverters to the residential and commercial markets in South Africa.

  • Go Sun Solutions - Updated news on solar and renewable energy.

  • Green Age Solar - Manufacturer of solar powered components and products. Malaysia.

  • Green Energy LLC - Green Energy LLC is a provider in Middle East and Africa of Solar and Renewable Energy products. Offers customized energy solutions.

  • groSolar - Solar photovoltaic and wind energy systems, building integrated and stand-alone, designed by professional engineers.

  • Innovative Power Systems - Designs, installs, sells, and services renewable energy systems for homes and businesses in Minnesota and the surrounding region.

  • In Ground Swimming Pools - We are the Nation's largest in ground pool reseller. Find the best selection with great pricing.
  • Intersolar - International trade fair and conference in Germany for solar technology. Provides list of exhibitors, map of grounds and program.

  • Juncoop Solar - Supplier of solar photovoltaic products (crystallyne and CIS), solar thermal products (heat pipe and flat collectors) and accessories such as inverters, trackers and batteries. Based in Hong Kong. Also supplies LED lighting.

  • Living Wise - Supply and installation of solar hot water systems, solar power systems, solar pool heating and rainwater tanks in Australia.

  • Louisiana Solar Works - Sale and installation of solar energy systems in the United States.

  • Mannix Solar - Sale and installation of solar heating and solar power systems in South Australia.

  • MG Solar Solutions - Design, supply and installation of solar energy systems, both domestic and commercial. Based in the United Kingdom.

  • Move2Solar - Delivery of commercial solar projects. Provides advise on design, technology selection and implementation. Based in the United Kingdom.

  • Mr Solar Australia - Solar heating panels, hot water systems, and pumps for home, pool, and business solar hot water systems.

  • Occidental Power - Retailer, designer, and installer of solar energy systems. Licensed California Solar Contractor.

  • OnForce Solar - Energy consulting and solar installation for home owners and businesses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

  • Photon Energy Systems - Indian manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules and solar thermal systems. Exports worldwide.

  • RV Solar Shop - Manufacturer of solar products designed specifically for usage in recreational vehicles (RV).

  • Scone Solar - Supply and distribution of solar energy products, both thermal and electric. Also offers solar lighting systems. Based in India.

  • So-Cal Solar - Installation of home and commercial solar systems (electric and pool heating) in California.

  • Solar Depot Inc. - Design, supply, and install solar electric and hybrid power systems to power telecommunications, telemetry and water pumping equipment in remote sites.

  • Solar Design Associates - Design firm specializing in the use of solar power and alternative energy in custom solar homes and other sustainable developments.

  • Solar Fusion Ltd - Supplier and installer of solar electricity (photovoltaic) and solar hot water systems, based in Dorset, UK.

  • Solar Marshal - Supply of solar modules and other solar products based in California.

  • Solar Online Australia - Suppliers of solar and wind power equipment including solar panels, wind turbines, regulators, power inverters, deep cycle batteries and technical information.

  • Solar Sal - Family firm providing advice in solar installations and central heating projects throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Solar Sales & Service LLC - Retailer and installation contractor for photovoltaics and solar thermal products.

  • Solar Vision - Provides solar energy products throughout the Limpopo province and its surrounding area. Main products include Solar Hot Water systems, and the Solar Home System, providing electricity in off-grid areas.

  • Solargreen Technologies - Sales of solar products, thermal, lighting and others in Colorado and Wyoming.

  • Solarpages.eu - A directory of companies from european countries offering products and services for solar energy.

  • Solarsense (UK) Ltd - Suppliers and installers of Thermomax advanced solar collectors for solar water heating and photovoltaic solar systems for electricity generation.

  • SolarShop - Sale of solar powered products including solar panels for electric and water heating and solar lighting. Based in the United Kingdom.

  • Solar-Tec Systems - Design and installation of solar electric systems, solar pool heating, solar hot water and home heating systems.

  • SolaZone - Sale and installation of solar equipment, thermal and photovoltaic in Australia.

  • SunEdison - Development and installation of solar energy projects for commercial and residential clients in the US.

  • Superior Solar Systems, Inc. - Solar contracting firm that specializes in residential & commercial solar electric, water heating and pool heating applications.

  • Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc. - Design, sell and install solar electric and thermal systems. Includes product catalog and design guide.

  • Tata BP Solar India Ltd. - A joint venture between TATA and BP Solar UK. Manufacturers of solar power equipment.

  • TianChang Ke-Star Lighting & Electrical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of solar powered lantern, lights, charger and electronics from China.

  • Ultimate Solar Alternatives - Provider of solar hot water, solar pool heaters, solar attic fans and photovoltaic solar panels. Based in Sarasota, Florida.

  • Uniser (Chem) Industries - Design and sale of solar energy products. Based in India.

  • Universal Energy - Manufacture, installation and service for photovoltaic modules and solar hot water systems. Exports all over the world from manufacturing base in Nanjing, China.

  • West Coast Solar Energy Ltd. - Specializes in solar electricity for cabins, remote homes and RV's.

  • Zytech - Suppliers of solar products, including solar panel and water heater.

  • Acro Solar Lasers - Mirrored Fiberglass dishes track the sun on two axis, heat homes, pools, spas, and domestic water. Now available in kits. Computer/management system included.

  • AE Solar Systems - UK based installer of solar water heating systems.

  • Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC - Solar rooftop heating systems.

  • American Solar - Solar thermal roofing system combining roofing and siding technology and solar design. All-weather protection for the building that collects solar energy for space heating and hot water.

  • American Solar Energy - Specializing in solar pool heating, solar water heating, and solar electric panels.

  • Apricus Solar Co., Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of solar energy heating systems including solar water heater and evacuated heat pipe solar collector.

  • ARC Solar International, Inc - Manufacturer and distributor of a low-cost solar water heater that can be owner installed.

  • ARCON Solvarme A/S - Production and sale of solar heating systems in Denmark. Solar water heating systems and design. English pages.

  • Ausra - They develop and deploy utility-scale solar thermal power technology. Describes their technology, includes news items, and list job opportunities.

  • Australian Solar and Air - Energy efficient solar water heating equipment, including household and swimming pools in conjunction with solar electric.

  • Aztec Solar Water Heating - Provider of solar water heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications in the United Kingdom.

  • Bright Energy Ltd - Design and installation of solar thermal heating. Based in the UK.

  • California Solar - Solar heating and alternative energy contractor for home, business, swimming pools.

  • China Sidite Solar Energy - Chinese manufacturer of solar thermal products.

  • Chromagen - Design, manufacture and distribute solar energy equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Products include solar collectors, water tanks and photovoltaic systems. English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian versions.

  • Cleardome Solar - Provider of solar water purifiers. Offers relevant information on renewable energy water purification.

  • Dennen Bos Solar - Solar thermal systems wholesaler in Ireland.

  • DIY solar hot water system build your own - Site details an interesting, but not necessarily safe DIY solar hot water system. Includes day by day diary of results.

  • Eco 2 Solar - Installer of solar water heating systems for domestic and commercial buildings.

  • Enersol Solar Products, Inc - Manufacturer of a pool heater provides specifications, testimonials, and dealer information.

  • EnerWorks Inc. - Manufacturer of solar thermal water-heating appliances. Providing resources regarding the solar industry.

  • FAFCO - Manufacturer of solar pool heating systems in the U.S. and provider of IceStor thermal energy storage systems.

  • Fitch Consulting - Importer and installer of evacuated tube collectors.

  • Florida Solar Technology Inc. - Systems for solar pool heating, home water heating, water purification, water softening, and pool/spa automation.

  • Free Heat Industries - Specializes in efficient swimming pool heating and cooling designs and kits for DIY installation throughout Australia.

  • Goldwater Solar Services - Supply and installation of solar water heaters for domestic hot water use, solar pool heating, and space heating based in Toronto, Canada.

  • Haining Reshen - Chinese manufacturer of solar water heater and related products. Offers installation instructions and test reports.

  • Harter Industries, Inc. - Produces technologically advanced solar pool heaters for swimming pools or spa.

  • Heliocol Inc. - Manufacturer of solar pool heating systems.

  • Hot2o - Sale of do it yourself solar hot water heater by FAFCO, manufacturer of polymer products for energy savings.

  • Imagination Solar Limited - Supply and installation, or supply only, of simple effective solar water heating systems for the home, swimming pools, caravans and boats.

  • Industrial Solar Technology - Manufactures solar collectors for both industrial and residential use. Included are troughs, flat plate and photovoltaic solar energy collectors.

  • INS Solar - Planning, supply and fitting of solar thermal systems for domestic and commercial use.

  • Intelligent Energy Solutions - Suppliers and installers of solar water heating panels. Also offered are heat pumps, solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

  • Itsolar - Supplier and installer of solar energy systems, especially thermal, based in Cornish, United Kingdom.

  • Lee Techno Inc - Manufacturers and dealers of solar water heaters and voltage control stabilizers.

  • Mr Renewables - UK-based provider of renewable energy solutions, including solar PV installations.
  • Megasun Solar Systems - Manufacturers and exporters of hot water solar systems, panels, collectors and water heaters.

  • NZ Solar - Sale of solar heating for residential or commercial use in New Zealand.

  • Performance Solar - Solar pool heating: serving Southern California - San Diego - Riverside County - Orange County and Southern Arizona

  • PoolTechnics - Produces swimming pool covers and solar sytems for private and public pools.

  • Professional Solar Products - Makes an all-metal swimming pool solar energy collector for solar pool heating and mounting systems for installing solar panels in virtually any location or situation.

  • QIS - QIS is in the energy conservation industry. Specialises in Solarwise Pool heating, ventilation, and insulation products for domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

  • Ra Energy - Residential and commercial solar hot water system installers located in Portland, Oregon.

  • Six Rivers Solar, Inc. - Manufacturers of water storage tanks for solar water heating, radiant floor heating and complete kits for solar power and solar water heating systems.

  • SkyFuel Inc - A technology provider and developer of thermal concentrating solar power collectors. Describes their technology, products offered, news items, and staff profiles. Based in New Mexico, United States.

  • The small solar company - Accredited solar heating installers in Hertfordshire (Herts), St Albans, United Kingdom.

  • Smart Energy UK - Suppliers and installers of residential and commercial solar heating systems, including solar heated swimming pools.

  • 4Solar - Installers of solar thermal systems throughout Lincolnshire, UK.

  • Solar 7 - Supply, installation and support of solar thermal hot water systems and energy efficient heating and cooling systems using heat pump technology.

  • Solar Aire - Designers and manufacturers of solar thermal air conditioning systems for commercial buildings.

  • Solar Components Corp. - Manufacturer of passive solar heating, greenhouses, aquaculture tanks, and environmental containers.

  • Solar direct - Supplier of do it yourself solar hot water kit sets and solar parts based in New Zealand.

  • Solar Energy Marketing - Offer solar thermal related products. Supply additional information regarding renewable energy.

  • Solar Energy Solutions - Supply and installation of solar thermal systems in the United Kingdom.

  • Solar Energy Solutions LLC - Providing solar heating systems. Additionally offering installation and consulting services. Based in Kentucky.

  • Solar Future - Installation of solar water heating systems in the United Kingdom.

  • Solar Hitech Geysers - Manufacturers of solar water heaters, stills, solar lanterns, and solar street lights.

  • Solar Hydronics - Consultation, design, installation and maintenance of heating and hot water solar installations in Australia.

  • Solar Integrated Systems - Installer of solar thermal water heating systems for the South West of England and South Wales.

  • Solar Scotland - Solar Scotland provide high performance solar thermal systems.

  • Solar Solutions Eastern Cape - Design, supply and installation of solar thermal technology for domestic and industrial use. Based in South Africa.

  • Solar Source - Solar heating for water, pools, and homes. Exclusive Heliocol distributorship in the Tampa Bay area. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • Solar Technology Systems - Supplier of home solar water heating systems in New Zealand.

  • Solar Thermal Ltd - Suppliers of solar thermal and biomass heating systems. Situated in the UK.

  • Solara Systems Inc - Installation and maintainance of solar heating, electric and geothermal systems. Based in Bristol. Online shop available.

  • SolarAttic, Inc. - Supplies alternative energy technology using the solar heat inside of attics for heating hot water, swimming pools and space. Includes product data and drawings, pool guide, and stock offerings.

  • SolarHOt - Manufactures, sources and distributes integrated, engineered solar heating systems in the US.

  • Solaris Free Energy Ltd. - Design, sale and installation of solar hot water systems for domestic home owners and businesses. Supply of dual coil hot water cylinders and other solar components through an online shop.

  • Solarnetix Inc. - Design and manufacture of solar hot water heating systems for all types of buildings. Production of flat plate and vacuum tube solar panels, and the Duonetix microcomputer-controlled pump station.

  • Solco Solar - Supplier and installer of domestic and industrial solar thermal systems. Based in South Africa.

  • Solfex Ltd - Manufacturers and suppliers of evacuated tubing, with technical details, online sales, and information for installers. Preston, Lancashire, UK.

  • Sonideft Solar - Offers various heating solutions based on capturing solar energy for a variety of domestic and commercial purposes, ranging from hot water to space heating and pool water heating for homes and businesses.

  • Speedyfit Solar Systems - Sale of solar hot water systems, evacuated tubes and underfloor heating with coverage throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Sundwel Solar Ltd UK - Solar heating using Atlas Solar panels.

  • SunEarth Inc. - Manufactures industry standard solar water heating collectors and systems for residential and commercial applications.

  • Sungo Ltd - China based manufacturer and exporter of evacuated tube solar water heating systems.

  • Sunnyday - Italian manufacturers of uncovered, flexible solar panels made from polypropylene compounds for thermal use.

  • Sunpeak Ireland - Supply and installation of solar evacuated tube systems, biomass heating systems and grid connected wind turbines in Ireland.

  • Thermo Dynamics Ltd. - A company engaged in the research, development, and manufacturing of solar thermal products. Products range from residential solar water and space heating to industrial and commercial process heating.

  • Thermomax Industries, Ltd - Distributor of quality vacuum tube collectors and stainless tanks since 1989. Proven, versatile heating solutions for 'off-grid' or low-impact living. This educational site includes schematics and manuals.

  • Thermomax Technologies - Manufactures evacuated heat pipe solar collectors, temperature control and monitoring devices.

  • US Solar Heating - Manufacturer and distributor of solar air heaters in the United States.

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