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What is solar energy and how is it harnessed? Print E-mail

A lot of what is being said about solar energy can be misleading and confusing when the concept of harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water is very simple. Strategically placed panels harness solar energy radiated from the sun (not the heat). This energy is converted within the solar panels to generate a heat source.

Even during the coldest winter day, the sun is working for you
Contrary to the belief of many, solar energy does not require heat from the sun. On any clear day, regardless of the time of year, regardless of the outside temperature (it could even be minus degrees), the energy will still be harnessed saving on conventional fuels – saving you money.

And whilst you’re saving money, you’re helping to protect the environment
The generation of conventional energy relies on the burning of fossil fuels. It is the emissions given off when doing so that creates the gases and pollution that is causing ongoing damage to the environment.

Solar is a natural source of energy that has no damaging side effects.
So the more we can harness this free source of natural energy, the less we have to rely on fossil fuels helping to preserve an acceptable environmental balance for future generations.

The system
A solar system works alongside your conventional water heating system both supporting each. During the daylight hours, solar energy is harnessed, generating hot water. This is ongoing and the energy source is free.

At any point, you can kick in your conventional hot water heating system to top up or boost the temperature.

.Our designers and technicians assess each and every installation to meet the exact requirements of every customer. And our engineers will install and commission a system with the absolute minimum amount of disruption.

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